Frequently Asked Support Questions


Q. What browser versions are required for playing courses?


A:Recommended Browser Settings

  • SkillSpark supporst Microsoft Internet Explorer (v.6-8), Mozilla Netscape and FireFox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari. Other browsers may work, however have not been extensively tested.
  • Minimum Requirements for Plug-ins:
    Flash 6.0 through 8.x Mozilla 1.6 and 1.7.2 require Flash 7.0 r19 and r25 or higher, respectively
  • Shockwave 8.0 - 10.0
    Note: Not all content needs to use Shockwave. Only older, non-repurposed and ANS courses require Shockwave.
  • Enable browser caching
  • Enable Active Scripting and Scripting of Java Applets
  • Supports JavaScript 1.0 and Java 1.0.2
  • Supports .ZIP, .JAR, or .CAB Java Applets
  • Recommended: Enable Java Console
  • Requires cookies


NB: A browser enabled with a pop-up blocker or similar window blocking tool may interfere with the launch of the courses. If this occurs, SkillSpark recommends you set the blocking tool to "Always allow" for SkillSpark and Course Central websites, for example, sites ending in,, or for the site from which you access courseware. An additional technique is to use the CTRL or SHIFT key when selecting the link from the Player. If both of these fail, SkillSpark recommends disabling the blocking tool during course play and re-enabling it after completing your play session. Enable browser caching. For Netscape 8.1: Make sure that the pop-up blocker is turned-off and tab browsing is disabled.


Q. How do I know if my web browser is configured correctly?


A:You can use our Browser Capabilities Test tools to insure that your computer and web browser are configured correctly to enable you to access the SkillSpark’s Course Central platform and e-Learning course content. Please visit our System Compatibility page for more information and links to test your browser for compatibility.


Q. When I try to play a course, nothing happens or I just get a gray screen. I am using Internet Explorer.


A:the most common cause of this symptom is an outdated Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The JVM that ships with Internet Explorer has problems that sometimes impact the execution of our Java Applet. The solution is to update the JVM. This update is available from the Microsoft web site at


Q. Does the courses support proxies and firewalls?


A:Yes. In general, if you can view the SkillSpark website at, then you can play a course from the Course Central server. The only exception to this is if the firewall or proxy server at your site is filtering Java Applets or compiled code. In this case the course Player will not be able to load properly. Check with your Network Administrator to see if this applies to you.


Q. When attempting to Play or Launch a course, it is taking an unusually long time for the course to start.


A:Do you use McAfee VirusScan version 4.x or higher, and do you use VShield with Download Scan set to Scan All Files? This has been found to slow the download of the Java Applet when starting the course. You can set VShield Download Scan to Scan Program Files only instead of All Files.


Q. Should I have other applications open when running the courses?


A:Occasionally, having other applications open on the desktop can affect course performance. We recommend closing all non-essential applications when playing courses.


Q. Who do I contact for Technical Support?


A:The SkillSpark Support Team can be reached at 1.877.74.SPARK (1.877.747.7275), or by clicking here:


Q. Can I turn the audio (narration) off within a course?


A:Yes. You can turn the audio off at any time by clicking the turn off audio button located in the bottom navigation bar. You can turn it back on by clicking the same button.


Q. Can I play two courses simultaneously?


A:No. You can only play one course at a time.


Q. How do I bookmark my place?


A:Using the Exit button to close the course player automatically "bookmarks" your place in the course. You will be prompted to resume from the same place next time you enter the course.


Q. What are Job Aids?


A:Each Business Skills course typically has several job aids associated with it. Job Aids can be used whenever you need support on a new skill - while taking a course…or many months later when you need a quick refresher. They are handy highlights of a course, you can print out and refer back to in the workplace.


Q. When do I know when I have completed a course?


A:The completion requirements for your courses are determined depend on the content of the course. For some it may simply be completely viewing the course, while for others there may be exercises and examinations that need to be completed in order to complete the course. In Course Central, you can view the which courses you have completed by visiting ‘Reports’ under the ‘Tools’ menu of the left hand navigation bar. You will see a progress bar for each course you are enrolled in, as well as the scoring for any exercises and examinations.


Q. Do I get credit for multiple part test questions if I don't answer all the questions correctly?


A:In multiple part test questions, you will receive partial credit for those questions you answered correctly. The score is calculated by the number of correct answers divided by the total number of choices.


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