SkillSpark Support


SkillSpark offers a variety of support options designed to help you get the answers you need quickly and easily. These include:

  • Our eLearning FAQ :
    • The eLearning Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) contains answers to questions relating to the how e-learning is used within the training and development industry. This FAQ provides a good introduction to e-learning and how it is changing the way in which training is conducted.
  • Our Support FAQ :
    • The Support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) contains the answers to the mostly commonly requests posed to our Support Team.  Prior to emailing or calling our Support Team, this is a good resource to check for a fast answer.
  • Our Course Support :
    • The Course Support page contains information and links relating to the use of courses through SkillSpark’s Course Central. Should you be having trouble launching or viewing courses from within Course Central, or wish to learn more about how to enrol and participate in our courses, this is a great resource!
  • Our Learning Management System Support :
    • The LMS (Learning Management System) Support page is the first stop in finding answers to your questions regarding SkillSpark supported LMS platforms. Here you will find access to manuals, support documents and forums, how-to videos, and FAQs for the LMS platforms. You will also find links to developer and community support for each of the Learning Management Systems.


If you have explored SkillSpark’s online support offerings and are still looking for answers our Support Team is always here to help.  You can contact our Support Team from our Contact page or by using one of following methods:


Toll-Free: 1.877.74.SPARK(77275),  Option 3 (Support)

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Need Training?


SkillSpark provides a variety of in-depth user and ‘train-the-trainer’ training services available via in-person lessons, webinars, and e-learning courses. Please visit our Training Services for more information.