Who is SkillSpark?


SkillSpark is Canada’s leading provider of e-learning and web-based professional development solutions to small, medium and enterprise clients.


Through our experience in providing e-learning solutions since 2003, we recognized that there were very limited options in Canada for organizations seeking to benefit from the advances in training delivery and human capital development available through e-learning. The vast majority of e-learning providers are based in the United States, with pricing, support and processes focused on American Fortune 1000 clients.


At SkillSpark we have dedicated ourselves to making e-learning accessible, cost effective and highly successful for all sizes of organizations within Canada. With products, services, support, and pricing designed for the Canadian market, as well as our unrelenting passion for providing exceptional client service, SkillSpark is committed to leading e-learning development in Canada.


Proudly Canadian, SkillSpark’s main offices are based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, from which we serve clients throughout Canada and North America.


SkillSpark Mission Statement


SkillSpark’s mission is to lead the development of the e-learning in Canada by making industry-leading solutions accessible to small, medium and enterprise clients throughout the country. We are driven by our fierce commitment to exceptional client service and our dedication to continual growth and improvement.


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